Cooperation with Raska Municipality Children's Association

  • Community News

  • 7 April 2023

Our company receives a Certificate of Appreciation from Raska Municipality Children's Association

An award ceremony was held this April as a part of annual children’s art competition titled "Mama", organized by Raska Municipality Children's Association. As in previous years, the competition attracted a lot of interest among children of preschool and school age from Raska and other cities in Serbia.

Out of more than 350 received works from three categories: art works, literary works and the most beautiful manuscript (a form of beautiful writing), 50 works were awarded and displayed during the ceremony for visitors to enjoy.

Our company has provided the winners with prizes, as well as Raska Municipality Children's Association with contribution for future activities, and we were very pleased to receive a Certificate of Appreciation for selfless support of children awarded to us by the Association.