Our team visits Raska Gymnasium

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  • 20 May 2022

Adriatic Metals Serbia team's visit to Raska Gymnasium

Adriatic Metals Serbia team visited the Raska Gymnasium as participants in a workshop that accompanies "Visit to an Occupation" program, led by history professor Marica Vukovic.

Tijana Momčilović (Senior Project Geologist), Ljubomir Vukadinović (Junior Geologist) and Ivana Miletić (Info Center Associate) presented our company and Info Center, profession of a geologist, and personal experiences related to choice of university, studies and employment in a foreign company that operates in our country.

The plan was to present only for third grade students, however, since the information about our team’s visit spread throughout the school, both professors and second grade students expressed interest in the workshop, so attendance was twice as high than planned. According to professors and students, this was an extremely professional and comprehensive presentation of a profession that has aroused the greatest interest so far.